Forsyth of Denny first ventured into the crane hire industry in 1970 when they purchased their first crane.

This decision led us to become one of the most reputable crane hire companies in the country.  But rather than tell you all about the business from the businesses eyes, we thought we would let people who knew the Forsyth family and their business ‘back in the day’.

Thomas Burt used to work at Forsyth of Denny, and actually married Hazel Forsyth (the youngest daughter of Robert Forsyth Snr, the founder of the whole company). Through our recent Facebook campaign, Thomas got in touch and was kind enough to send over some images he took during his crane driving days.

Thomas Burt in his 6 Wheel Merc changing track rollers on an O&K RH120

Andy Burt (Thomas’ brother) 8 wheel Leyland Constructor performing an engine change on an RH90

One of Thomas’ memories of working at Forsyth of Denny involves a rather strange task: moving a dead beached whale from a coastline. Thomas and crew used 2 45t Krupp cranes to winch the heavy cadaver onto a tipper in order to remove it from the scene.

The cadaver being winched into the tipper.

Thomas Burt in his 45t Krupp crane


Thomas even managed to dig out this picture of a very early Forsyth of Denny fleet.

We have over nearly 50 years experience in the crane hire business, and as a result, we have made many memories with our drivers. We are striving to continue making memories with all our staff and remain one of the largest and longest running crane hire companies in Scotland.